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See how interesting the amount of our ancestors:

Grandparents: 4
Great Grandparents: 8
Tri Grandparents: 16
Tetra Grandparents: 32
Penta Grandparents: 64
Hexa Grandparents: 128
Hepta Grandparents: 256
Octa Grandparents: 512
Enea Grandparents: 1024
Deca Grandparents: 2048
In a total of 11 generations, 4094 ancestors …
All this in about 300 years before we were born!

Stop for a moment and think!
Where did they come from?
How many fights did they catch?
How hungry have you been?
How many wars did they live?
How many difficulties did all our ancestors survive?
And how do we carry all the information about our experiences into our DNA?
On the day that you understand that everything you want to change in your life has not yet happened, know that a great part of it is due to the information of our ancestors.
We carry this information into our biological and vibrational DNA.
And do not feel hurt by it.
Take pride!

On the other hand, how much love, strength, joy, courage, and encouragement did we bequeath?
How much of their strength to survive, did each of them have within themselves so that, today, we are here, alive?
We only exist because of everything that each of them has gone through.

Therefore, revere your ancestors with much love!
I advise the Hooponopono technique.

Be grateful, offer forgiveness to all our ancestors, because without them, each of us would not have the happiness to know LIFE!
On the day you understand all this mechanism Life offers us, you will have incorporated Holistic Therapy into your Life.
Follow the work of this blog and understand more what is happening to you, how you must proceed to conquer more and more your inner freedom!
Holistic and fundamental therapy for all of us.
This is the connection with our essence.


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Penha Cristina Mullett

Penha Cristina Mullett, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.
Owner to Salutar Holistic Center LLC, located in Lousiana LA.

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