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I will write here to explained exactly what my work means within Holistic Therapy.

Remember that regardless of the service provided, this can be done in person (in Covington / LA / USA) or Via Skype or WhatsApp, with no difference in result.

Holistic Healing Through Energy Services

First of all, I would like to explain that CURE within holistic therapies has no relation to physical healing used with medications, within traditional medicine. The HEALING worked here will be at the energetic level, and it is precisely the exact location from where this whole process of “illness” arises that ends up affecting our physical body.

* Usui Reiki

* Pre and post operative 

* Trauma in general (phobias, obesity, stress, panic syndrome, fear of insects, childhood traumas, sexual abuse, leaving old relationships aside, letting go of those they have gone through (no matter how long ago) and more.

The name of the technique that I use is called LTM (Liberation of Traumatic Memories), where I learned from the creator of the technique, the Brazilian Holistic Therapist Gustavo Meyer.

* Quantum Healing

If you seek the total realignment of your Being with the Universe, purify your entire evolutionary cycle, obtain energy healing in all fields, align your DNA, obtain total healing, release all traumas (at all stages of your evolution ) and if you felt an inner calling that this needs to be worked out, this technique is for you.

* If you do not have any type of orientation regarding Holistic Therapy I also offer the Holistic Counseling service so that I can help you at this stage.

The Benefits of Holistic Energy Healing:

Reduces stress and anxiety (ideal for who need to lose weight)

Better feeling of well-being

Emotional and physical trauma released

Increased energy

Improvement of general health

Managing and Eliminating Chronic Health Symptoms

Personal growth that reflects on the professional also

Fast and total relaxation

Improved wellness for pregnancy and postpartum

How Holistic Energy Healing Works:

Through the use of Holistic Energy Healing, a type of alternative energy healing using manual and energy-based techniques to balance and align the human energy field, locks can be gently recognized and released.

I work in person in my holistic space here in Covington, LA and also get via Skype or WhatsApp. The result will be the same.

I have worked with people who experience a number of physical and emotional problems.

I am not a Physician and I do not provide a diagnosis of your state of health. I am Accredited Holistic Therapy (USA and Brazil).

However, I use my intuitive healing to explore what is happening within your emotional or physical body, and I can thus discover the causes of your energy imbalance.

Energy imbalances are created when you experience something that touches you on an emotional level. It does not have to be anything big and it can be as simple as saying “You’re no good” or “You’re bad” or “You’re wrong”.

It can be a childhood trauma for someone who forced you to overeat as a child and today you are carrying all that trauma of the past and can not get rid of obesity.

It may also be some hurt that you carry and can not forgive, that is, any feelings of emotional weight that you have been feeding and that disrupt your life.

This therapeutic process is a non-invasive way of giving physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies permission to release energies that are no longer in their highest good. This is called “energy compensation” or “energy balance”.

Holistic Energy Healing also covers healing past lives and helps you discover how past life experiences affect your current soul perception.

In seeking forgotten experiences and putting aside those who are not serving you well, inner transformation can occur. This understanding helps bring more peace and harmony to the enjoyment of one’s life purpose.

* Pre and Post Surgery

Energy work before surgery can help you relax and let go of any fears that are occurring in relation to the surgery. During surgeries, when any incision is made, a hole is created in the energy field of the body. At this point, the energies of the people involved in surgery (surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, assistants) are directed to the customer’s energy field. So, upon completion of the surgery, the client’s body is dealing with the physical and emotional problems of all others, as well as with ones own. This can definitely create a slow recovery for some people.

In addition, incisions interrupt the energy flow of the body, either on the surface or below the meridians. Doing energy work helps eliminate disruptions (or blockages), allowing the body to speed up the healing process.

* Energy Healing in the Sports Area

I also work with sportspeople who need to release energy trapped in some parts of the body in order to increase their performance, helping to reach their greatest potential.

I work attuning their energies while they are performing and feeling where there are locks in the energy flow. This can be a physical or emotional blockage.

Other services that will be provided soon: (in person)

Bach Flowers Remedies




Penha Cristina Mullett

Holistic Therapist

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