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How Is Ear Candling Supposed To Work

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Ear candling, likewise called ear coning or thermal-auricular
therapy, and is an alternative medicine procedure claimed to
better general health and well-being by lighting one end of a
hollow candle and putting the other end in the ear canal.

According to some medical researchers, it’s both dangerous
and ineffective. Claims that the practice moves out earwax
are not supported by any evidence according to some
studies. The claim by one manufacturer that ear candles
initiated with the Hopi tribe has likewise been disproven.
However many say the candles are a gentle and natural
alternative to ear syringing. They say that the heat energy
from the candle relieves pain and discomfort in the ear.

The ingredients infused in the cotton vaporize and are drawn
down the hollow center of the candle thru a ‘chimney effect’.
Impurities are pulled out of the ear, into the candle and
either burned away or accumulated in the filter.
Both ears have to be treated, and the treatment takes
around a half an hour. A calming facial massage is
commonly performed afterwards, draining the sinuses,
reinforcing lymph action and blood flow.

As well people claim that Ear Candling is likewise a good
treatment to have if recovering from a cold or ‘flu, or simply to
de-stress and clear the head. The aromatherapy effects of
the candle encourage relaxation and stress reduction.
It is said that if the body is under tension the flow of energy
decreases till it is let go of or entirely blocked. You might not
be aware of this at the start, but one of these days
symptoms will appear in the body.

The Teory:

If this energy gets blocked in the head area, or once

excessive ear wax develops, you might develop conditions

such as stuffed up sinuses or sinusitis, headaches, earaches,

dizziness or vertigo, small hearing loss, raw throat or

coughing, allergies or upper respiratory tract infections. If

they’re not cleared up, the flow of energy slows up and pain

or discomfort commonly sets in.

The removal of ear wax is a really small part of ear candling,

as a matter of fact, seldom is any ear wax pulled out at all.

Ear wax is necessary to our well-being.

It acts as a shock absorber for sound waves, and along with

the hairs in our ears, it barricades dust particles and foreign

material that may pierce the ear drum. It’s when we have

wax build up induced by noise, pollution, dust, and so forth,

nevertheless that issues may arise.

The burning candle behaves like a chimney and draws from

the ear. The drawing effect, in addition to the warmth of the

candle are said to relax the body, therefore giving back to

the body the power to heal itself.

Once relaxed, the body begins to function by nature to heal

itself; the wax begins to move again, the circulation comes

back to the whole head area.

In the external ear, we have reflex or pressure points, (the
same as in hand and foot reflexology). As we work around
the ear space, these reflex points are energized by the
warmth of the candle and the stimulation of these reflexes
may assist in wellness of additional areas of the body as
Ear Candling is likewise a Spiritual Therapy. When the
candle is burning, we might feel free to visualize issues,
fears or guilt being devoured by the flame. Once they’re
gone, we are free to move on. Ear Candling consequently
may be effective by cleaning the inner self or emotions

Sinus Problems And Issues With The Ear

If you’re suffering with sinus issues or even hay fever, many

people wholeheartedly recommend putting aside any

reservations you might have about ear candling and giving it

a go. But let’s have a closer look at the issue.

If you’re suffering from a bad sinusitis, then you’re more
susceptible to sinus ear issues. If your sinuses get congested
(sinusitis nose congestion), infected or inflamed, it’s much
simpler for your ears to experience the same foul condition.
Most individuals might not be aware of the connection
between the sinuses in the cheekbones, the nasal areas and
the ears through the auditory tube. This connects the
sinuses into the internal ear and this connection makes it
simpler for the infections to spread from the sinuses to the

The Eustachian tube’s slender bent shape is really inviting to
infections. If water accidentally gets into the ear, this tube
gathers up the water which can’t be drained and
consequently invites bacterial growth which will then induce
an ear infection.
A sinus infection on the other hand is most generally known
as hay fever or cold, but commonly, it’s an infection in the
sinus cavities. This sort of infection commonly begins from
congestion and a little stuffiness in the sinus cavities.

The stuffiness will then induce excessive production of

mucus thinking that there are bacteria or dirt and attempts

to do away with it. When inordinate mucus is produced and

there’s a presence of a foreign invader like bacteria, this will

then induce irritation and inflammation in the sinus cavity.

Due to the swelling up of the sinuses, the mucus can’t

properly drain and will then grow into an infection causing

sinusitis and sinus ear issues.

Due to the association between the ears and the sinuses,

any congestion that might happen in the sinuses may then

move into the ears simply by sneezing.

When you sneeze, the air from your sinus cavities will

attempt to escape through different portals inside its range,

including the ears. When sneezing happens, the air is

pressed through the Eustachian tube and this air may push

the bacteria, along with the infection, into the auditory canal

and this might cause sinus ear issues.

How may you get rid and prevent sinus ear issues? Some

suggest candling but some say simply by cleansing the sinus

cavities each morning and evening utilizing saline solution,

you are able to get rid of the congestion and bring down the

swelling to allow your sinuses to work expeditiously.

This may supply you relief from sinusitis and sinus ear

issues. If you unceasingly maintain the cleanliness of your

ear canals, this may keep you away from sinus ear issues.

You might use cotton-tipped cleaners to take away excessive

dirt and wax to prevent the ear from becoming attractive to


A different way for you to prevent sinus ear issues is to keep

your hands clean. Remember that sustaining the cleanliness

of your hands may keep you free from infection and healthy.

If you’re going through frequent sinus infections due to

allergies, make certain to always keep your antihistamines

handy to forestall excessive mucus production.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from sinus ear issues

or any type of ear infections frequently, then you ought to

consult an ENT specialist for further medications that may

help you solve your ear issues.

Sore Throats And Ear Problems

It is said that ear candling can relieve conditions affecting

the ear, like earaches, tinnitus, excessive earwax, and glue

ear. It is said to also benefit other conditions that affect the

head area like colds, hay fever, headaches, sinus issues and

snoring and is an extremely relaxing treatment in its own

right. Physicians however say that there is no data to

support this so let’s look at the issue a bit further.

Throat And Ears

Ear candling is said to open the ear canals and release

pressure and help to carry off infection. Let’s see how sore

throat and ears are connected

A sore throat or blocked ear is something which almost

everybody has experienced at one time in life. A sore throat

is an inflaming of the throat and most often it’s painful. It’s

caused by viral or bacterial infections, fungal infection, or

irritants like pollutants or chemical substance.

The throat is the common site for the infection to thrive

when you’re exposed to viruses or bacteria. You are able to

get a sore throat if you come in contact with too much dust

or any additional similar irritant.

If the raw throat is accompanied with a bad cold then your

ears may get blocked. Antibiotics will help if it’s a bacterial

infection but they don’t assist in case of viral infections.

In most cases, this trouble occurs as a reaction to a deeper

fundamental problem. Therefore, it may likewise be said

that a sore throat is really a symptom of underlying

circumstances, like a bad cough, an upper respiratory

infection, fever and pharyngitis too.

While a sore throat on its own is seldom serious, it may lead

to a lot of discomfort, and trouble swallowing. This is likely

what causes individuals to consult a doctor for help on how

to eliminate a sore throat.

It’s likewise quite common for individuals to suffer from a

sore throat and ear issues at the same time.

Studies suggest that there’s a direct relationship between

sore throat and the ears, as the auditory tube, in the ear is

connected directly to the ear. This tube executes the crucial

function of keeping the fluid out of the middle ear.

Occasionally, a sore throat may cause this tube to swell up,

which in turn leads to extra pressure, blockage and maybe

even pain in the ear. Therefore, it’s very common for

individuals to suffer from both a sore throat and ear ache at

the same time.

As a matter of fact the ears, nose as well as the throat are

all closely associated and in case of any inflammation,

infection or allergies affect one area; it’s rather likely for all

the parts to get impacted too.

For instance, the sinuses cavities or pockets, which are

placed near the nose, are likewise connected to the ear and

throat. Consequently, in case of a sinus infection, individuals

all suffer from sore throat and blocked ears or clogged ears.

This is as the connection between all the 3 body parts allows

the exchange of fluid between the 3 parts. This may likewise

be the reason that a blocked nose may subsequently lead to

a sore throat and ear issues.

Although a sore throat and ear trouble isn’t very severe, it

may lead to a lot of discomfort. Furthermore, a stuffy ear

may likewise affect the ability to hear right. This may

likewise cause an individual to call or visit a doctor, asking

“my ear is clogged what should I do?” or “how do I unblock

my ear”. Some people advocate ear candling for this.

The Spiritual Side

In North America we recognize from songs and stories that

the Native Americans utilized ear candling as well. Not only

was ear candling utilized for spiritual work and vision quests,

they likewise utilized it for healing purposes.

In the Northwest the Native People utilize a clay cone and

they place herbs inside which they burn and causes the

smoke to coil down into the ear and withdraw the extra

earwax and yeast from the body and or cause the vision

quest to start.

In Mexico they utilize rolled up old paper to make their

cones and they likewise place herbs inside and light it on fire

to let it do its work.

Nowadays, in Germany, when a doctor is going through his

internship part of his grooming is ear candling.

In England part of a nurses training is in how to execute an

ear candling.

In the USA ear candling is a home remedy passed down

from generation to generation and is executed mostly by lay


There are a lot of spiritual reasons for doing ear candling.

Spiritual seekers and workers utilize ear candling to enhance

E.S.P., second sight and others, as well as channeling and

psychic powers. As in the hands and feet, the ear bears

nerve endings representative of all additional areas of the


Ear candling cleans away debris amassed on those nerve

endings, thus clearing the way for currents of subtle energy

to flow, unimpaired, to the body, brain and emotions. Ear

candling may heighten visualization and may balance and

beef up the Chakras (energy centers) of the body.

Auriculotherapy or ear candling, likewise called ear coning is

a folk medicine practice designated to reduce the “toxins”

from within an individuals ear by means of a hollow candle

placed in the ear.

It calls for placing one end of a hollow candle in the outer

ear canal and lighting the other end. Ear candling is believed

to be effective at producing a minor vacuum and getting rid

of impurities from the ear.

A few critics claim their utilization has resulted in injuries,

which naturally may be said about the use of just about any

home cures that are utilized beyond the application of good


How To And A Few Cautions

One end of a cylinder or cone of waxed cloth is put into the

subject’s ear, and the other end lit up. Commonly the

subject is lying on one side with the treated ear upmost and

the candle vertical, maybe stuck through a paper plate or

aluminum pie tin to protect against hot wax or ash falling

down the side.

A common ear candling session may last up to forty-five

minutes, during which time a series of 1 or 2 ear candles

might be burned for each ear. The experience has been

reported as being kind of exotic, but pleasant and relaxing.

One might hear some crackling and popping, or feel a little

heat during the session.

Caution: Ear Candling shouldn’t be done to individuals with

medical ear tubes, perforated ear drums, or artificial ear


Critics charge that the claims for ear candling are vague and

even conflicting, and that no scientific studies have been

done to document the health advantages.

Advocates claim significant betterment in their hearing,

inner ear pain alleviation and a reduction in tinnitus

symptoms after many ear candling sessions. It’s curious why

many studies haven’t been conducted to evaluate the

procedure scientifically, as it has been used for hundreds of

years. It’s suspected by several that some ear candle critics

represent special vested interests with perceptible financial


Ear candles are a home health care curative. Utilize common

sense. Read all instructions and words of advice herein. If

you don’t feel comfortable – don’t utilize them. If you don’t

feel secure in using fire around yourself and other people –

don’t utilize ear candles. If you don’t know how to utilize ear

candles – get help from somebody who does.

Do’s and Don’ts

• Never utilize them without a second individual who’s

able to supervise and/or help you.

• Utilize all cautions that an open fire calls for while

utilizing an open flame.

• You’ll need a glass of water, paper plate, and matches.

• Cut a cross in the middle of the paper plate large

enough to put a candle in it snugly.

• The little end is pressed through the cut in the middle

of the plate, and jutting through far enough to be put

gently into the outer canal of the ear.

• Lie on your side, push all the hair away from the ear,

light the ear taper and place the small end in the ear

and hold gently between your fingers.

• Make sure you don’t squeeze the candle.

• Make certain the little end is well seated in the ear

making a great seal.

• Slant the cone somewhat, without breaching the seal.

• If you would like to massage the individual, massage

along the forehead, brow, cheek bone, jaw bone, the

side of the neck and the back of the neck constantly

towards the ear. Don’t move the head around. This

ought to be a gentle and relaxing experience.

• Be heedful to the individual that’s being candled.

• Once it burns down 7″ take the taper out of the ear and

snuff out the flame in a cup of water or a wet cloth.

• Cleanse the outside of the ear with your Q-tip, and if

you like, place a few drops of Mullein, Garlic or Olive Oil

in the ear.

• Don’t place the Q-tip into the ear.

Don’t use ear candles under any of the accompanying


• Cysts in the Ear

• Perforated Ear Drums

• Tumor of the Ear

• You’re currently under the supervision of a MD for ear


• You’re allergic to bee stings or honey.

How To Do Ear Candling

Auriculotherapy or ear candling, likewise called ear coning is

a folk medicine practice designated to reduce the “toxins”

from within an individuals ear by means of a hollow candle

placed in the ear.

It calls for placing one end of a hollow candle in the outer

ear canal and lighting the other end. Ear candling is believed

to be effective at producing a minor vacuum and getting rid

of impurities from the ear.

A few critics claim their utilization has resulted in injuries,

which naturally may be said about the use of just about any

home cures that are utilized beyond the application of good


What The Doctors Say

Ear candling, a method of treating upper respiratory issues

is making a comeback. But a few physicians warn it might

be unsafe. A lot of physicians state more research is required. The Food

and Drug Administration states the practice isn’t safe and

considers the ear candle an unregulated medical device.

We’re more concerned that the consumer be cognizant of

what they’re purchasing and that they be alerted to the fact

that we trust these to be a substantial health risk, said an

FDA physician.

The agency has adopted steps to forbid the sale and

distribution of ear candles in the U.S.

Candles have been said to be linked to infections and

punctured eardrums.

An Ear, nose and throat specialist got interested after seeing

a lot of patients with traumas from ear candling.

The specific injuries seen were infection of the outside ear

canal following utilization of these candles as well as a burn

of the auditory canal. Physicians say that they have seen

patients with holes in their eardrums after utilization of the


One particular study was done to determine if an ear candle

may in reality create a vacuum as practitioners claim.

The discovery of this particular study was that there was no

vacuum, or negative pressure, rendered by a burning ear

candle. It was likewise explored whether an ear candle in

reality may draw out material from within the ear.

What was discovered was that no wax was moved out from

their ear canal, and as a matter of fact some of the wax was

pushed in deeper because of the placement of the ear


Devotees swear it works however.

However even practicianers recommend caution. You have

to make certain that you have an alternative practitioner or

somebody who utilizes only the highest grade candles to do

this practice.

However physicians have a different suggestion.

Their recommendation is that ear candles might be a nice

thing to have on the dining room table while you are having

dinner. They shouldn’t be placed in the ear and decidedly

shouldn’t be utilized to try to cleanse the ear at all.

Other Natural Ways Of Cleaning The Ear

There’s an old saying that advises putting nothing in your

ears littler than your elbow. Put differently, no one ought to

use anything mechanical to remove ear wax or any other

blockage from the deepest part of the ear canal.

Even the manufacturers of cotton swabs accent the danger

of utilizing their products to get rid of ear wax deposits.

There are times when one has to remove ear wax safely, all

the same, particularly when it affects one’s hearing or might

lead to an infection.

To remove ear wax safely, a few suggest utilizing warmed

oils like baby oil, mineral oil or olive oil to weaken the ear

wax. A couple of drops of warmed, however not hot; oil

ought to be placed cautiously in the ear canal as the patient

lies on his or her side.

The oil ought to be allowed to remain in the ear canal for a

couple of seconds to literally dissolve the ear wax. To

remove ear wax following the oil being applied, the patient

ought to lean his or head to one side and let the oil flow out

by nature into a clean cloth. A provision of clean water may

then be squirted into the ear to remove ear wax deposits

that might persist.

A different way to remove ear wax safely is to utilize ear

drops specifically developed to soften excessive wax. These

ear drops are commonly sold in the pharmacy section of a

department or grocery, along with other ear care products

for swimmer’s ear and common earaches.

Implement these ear drops according to the directions on

the box. As a whole, a solution is dropped into the ear canal

to weaken and liquefy extra ear wax. After a couple of

moments, the solution is allowed to run out of the ear

naturally. A few products that take out ear wax might

include a rubberized bulb for flushing out residue.

A few experts advise that the safest way to remove ear wax

isn’t to remove it at all. The body makes ear wax for a

reason – to trap exterior dirt and additional contaminants

before they may reach the tender workings of the inner ear.

While a few might find this waxy substance unlikable, it is

not always judicious to remove ear wax strictly for

aesthetics. Utilizing a cotton swab to get rid of ear wax in

the ear canal may lead to compression of the wax or

puncture of the ear drum.

Conventional thought today is to remove ear wax only if it

becomes unreasonable or compromises hearing. Discolored

or unreasonable ear wax might be a sign of a bigger issue,

so you might need to plan a visit to your personal doctor for

a more thorough exam.

In the meantime, avoid utilizing anything mechanical to get

rid of ear wax, like a paper clip, cotton swab or car key. A

deep itch in the ear canal may frequently be alleviated by

plugging your nose and blowing air through the Eustachian

tubes. Unreasonable ear wax buildup may become a severe

issue, so seek medical attention if these home remedies

don’t bring relief.

Other Ways To Get Rid Of Stuffy Ears Naturally

Put a heating pad just below the affected ear, making a

point that the heat isn’t too high. The pad ought to only be

placed on the area for about half-hour. The heat from the

pad permeates the inner side of the ear canal, loosing the

congestion that has led to a blocked ear. Rinsing with warm

water, to which half a teaspoon of salt has been added,

might also be effective.

Wrapping Up

There are many views on the use of ear candling. Some
swear by it, others swear by the fact that it should not be
used. This has to be a personal decision. One should do a lot
of good research where this issue is concerned and speak to
a doctor prior to using any sort of treatment.
Do your homework and be safe with your precious hearing.

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