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Quantum Curative Religacion


Quantum Curative Religacion is a Quantum Medicine, executed from the supreme will of the person himself, and promoted by his Higher or Quantum Self and with the aid of Superior Cosmic Consciousnesses that work for the good of all, with a Knowledge and Technology, never imagined, with the purpose of promoting their quickest release from the cycle of reincarnations on this Planet.

Is a system that aims, first of all, to produce our perfect alignment with the part of us that we call Essence. Then the cleaning of negative energy charges and their consequences, through the therapeutic / energetic work that tunes frequencies of very high vibration, transforming the negative information and promoting the feeling of liberation and happiness, thus making our evolution process much faster and objective , consequently the achievement of Personal Empowerment, since it frees the person from moorings of old myths and dogmas of any nature. And the best, it can be self-applied.

Text extracted from site (http://institutocurarquantico.com.br/rdc)


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