Holistic Therapy

Reiki and Nursing

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According to continuously upgraded statistics, over one-half of all Americans visit complementary and alternative medical practitioners yearly, accounting for fiscal expenditures in excess of thirty-three billion dollars.

These statistics are rapidly escalating due to:

~High costs associated with conventional medicine

~Adverse side-effects or resistance to prescription drugs

~Many diseases (fibromyalgia, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines etc.) are precipitated or facilitated by mental and/or emotional stresses

~Many ailments (AIDS, cancer, arthritis, etc.) have not been helped or cured by conventional medical intervention

~Conventional medicine is sophisticated in dealing with trauma and some specific diseases, but devotes far less attention to aspects of “wellness”, such as the prevention of “dis-ease”, or to underlying emotions – how a person feels about their illness.

Complementary methods, such as Reiki, are cost effective, help minimize recovery time, require little technology to implement, and blend easily with all other therapies. Reiki can be introduced to the patient by the nursing staff on all levels, CRNP, RN, LPN or NA. There are no adverse side effects from treatment, and treatment can be implemented at any time or during any stage of illness.

“Dis-ease” is an important messenger, indicating the body’s homeostasis needs to be restored. Reiki fuels the homeostatic mechanisms and assists in the restoration of physical, mental and emotional balance. Reiki works to enhance and accelerate the normal healing processes of the body and mind. By inducing the relaxation response, Reiki encourages integrated functioning of the body’s healing systems. This deep relaxation acts via the autonomic nervous system to lower blood pressure and heart rate, and to relieve tension and anxiety. It also augments the ability of the immune system and stimulates the brain’s production of endorphins, decreasing the perception of pain and creating a state of well-being.

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Penha Cristina Mullett

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

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Penha Cristina Mullett

Penha Cristina Mullett, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.
Owner to Salutar Holistic Center LLC, located in Lousiana LA.

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