CLAUSE ONE. First Paragraph. The individual holistic therapy service contracted through this instrument will be provided on the days and times stipulated by the SALUTAR HOLISTIC CENTER LLC in the availabilities offered by Holistic Therapist PENHA CRISTINA MULLETT, located at the following address: 222 North Vermont St Covington LA Zipcode 70433 .

Second Paragraph. If any of the parties can not appear at the specified time, the party will be required to clear at least 3 hours in advance, within the local business hours (from 8:00 am to 6:00 p.m.), under penalty of, in the event of failure by the CONTRACTOR, to pay the Holistic Therapy service, except in the event of a fortuitous event or force majeure, duly proven, in force at the time of the fault, and, in case the absence is of the CONTRACTOR (A), it shall lower the price of care at the month after the absence, or to restore the attendance on the day and at the agreed time between CONTRACTOR AND CONTRACTOR (A), depending on the preference of the contractor by availability of time.

Paragraph Three. If there is a need to extend the service provision, in addition to the stipulated time, the CONTRACTING PARTY shall pay, on the same day, the service charge, current at the time, proportional to the additional hours.

SECOND CLAUSE. The service that will be provided by the CONTRACTOR (A) will cover the therapeutic care, holistic therapeutic recommendation and elaboration of the holistic treatment plan, sequence and mode of its execution. At no time will be provided chemical medications or promises of physical healing.


THIRD CLAUSE. The CONTRACTING PARTY shall carry out all the activities that are indicated to him according to the CONTRACTOR’s (A) determinations, including, will be directed not to abandon the treatment of conventional medicine, being aware that the non-performance of these, may interfere in the evolution of holistic monitoring and consequently symptoms.

CLAUSE FOUR. The CONTRACTOR shall make payment in the manner and conditions established in this contract.

FIFTH CLAUSE. The CONTRACTING PARTY shall attend the attendance, on the day and at the appointed time and with appropriate suits to perform this.


SIXTH CLAUSE. It is the duty of the CONTRACTOR to provide the holistic therapy service according to the needs of the CONTRACTING PARTY, determined after consultation and guidelines, keeping with him the descriptions of the stages to be worked out with the description and evolution of the holistic treatment.

Single paragraph. The CONTRACTOR is obliged to provide his services using the best material and holistic techniques that he deems appropriate for the treatment of the client, observing the peculiarities of this client (limitation of age, weight, clinical and health conditions), in a suitable environment for therapeutic care.

SEVENTH CLAUSE. The CONTRACTED PARTY undertakes to keep confidential all information that he / she has knowledge of because of the service provided herein.


EIGHTH CLAUSE. The service contracted in this instrument will be remunerated by the current rate in the period of this agreement, always in Reais, and may be paid for service, or a package that must be paid in cash, check or card before the beginning of sessions, or at the end of each session. The package has the maximum term to be fulfilled for 3 months, except if the delay is due to a fortuitous event or force majeure, duly proven.


NINTH CLAUSE. In case of default by the CONTRACTING PARTY regarding the payment stipulated in the previous clause, it will focus on the amount to be paid, pecuniary fine of 2%, default interest of 1% per month and monetary correction.


CLAUSE TENTH. This contract may be terminated unilaterally by any of the parties, provided that there is a formal written communication by any means that guarantees the unequivocal science by the communication with at least 15 (fifteen) days notice.

ELEVENTH CLAUSE. The CONTRACTED PARTY undertakes, in the event that it is impossible to continue the treatment, to appoint another professional to continue the treatment.

CLAUSE TWELVE. In case of termination, the CONTRACTED PARTY will refund the proportional amount of the difference between the time of use and the remainder of the contract, with a reduction of 15% (fifteen percent) as a fine and administrative expenses. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS

It is the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR to report any health problems that may interfere with the constant treatment of the object of this instrument.

The total or partial omission of any pathologies will be solely and exclusively on behalf of the CONTRACTING PARTY.

CLAUSE THIRTEENTH. The contracting of a new successive period of the services dealt with in this contract implies the automatic ratification of all the clauses that compose it.

After reading the clauses, the CONTRACTING PARTY will be aware of all his obligations during the holistic treatment that will be provided.

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